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About Us!

We transform your manuscript into a book that can be enjoyed and shared across various  platform. We want to provide independent authors the services and tools to succeed.  For more information: nealowens@owenspublishing.com

About the Author

Neal Owens was born and raised in Washington, DC. He wrote his first story in the fifth grade but didn't consider writing a profession during his pondering of career choices. After 33 years of service to at-risk youth and 23 years of non-profit management that included developing youth by strengthening families, effective guidance and discipline, gang prevention, community outreach, developing superior work teams, resource development, and strategic planning and positioning; he decided to pursue his neglected passion.   

By faith, he left the workforce and devoted five years to complete his debut novel, Mirrors of Life. During those years, he took online novel courses and joined the Writers Cafe, Silver Pen, and Fanstory writing communities where he received invaluable support from the members.   

Often asked, What qualifies him to write this novel? He answers, "My experiences in life, which includes my college courses in Social Problems and Human Behavior, prepared me to write this novel."


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